Co-occurrence of Enzyme Domains (CO-ED) analysis web server

Based on an article in Nature Chemical Biology by Tristan de Rond, Julia Asay, and Bradley Moore.

This tool is a work-in-progress. Please raise issues or ask questions in the discussion group.

Code for the Jupyter Notebook version is available at

This tool generates files that need to be opened in Cytoscape, which is free open source software. (Instructions)

Job Submission

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For typical bacterial proteomes, running just CO-ED should take a minute or so (not counting time spent in the queue), but annotating domains will take longer, depending on how many domains are selected (for the default selection, expect around 10 minutes).

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Secondary input

Optional. Adds extra information to your CO-ED network

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secondary input 3

Input type for secondary input 3:

Select which domains to consider for analysis:

The table is pre-loaded with information from Pfam-A, and a curated set of enzyme domains is pre-selected. You can modify the selection as well as the Names, Descriptions, Clan memberships, etc., to your liking by interacting with the table below.

If your pfamscan or hmmsearch input files contain domains not in Pfam-A, you can add those domains to the table and select them to consider them in the analysis. It is currently not possible to do domain annotations from protein FASTA on domains not in Pfam-A. If this is a feature you would like to see, please let us know.

The domains will be matched by their accession numbers, not considering any version numbers after the dot.

If multiple domains part of the same Clan match in the same protein, only the one with the lowest E value will be considered.

Separate multiple categories by commas and/or whitespace. Only affects the domains that pass the filter below

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(new row is appended at the end of the table)